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The girl’s choir and choir school Mädchenkantorei Basel consists of about 80 girls and young women from Basel, Switzerland and the nearby areas. Besides regular rehearsals that take place twice a week, our singers attend individual vocal training and solfège and theory courses. Mädchenkantorei Basel has peformed numerous highly attended concerts. The choir has also been invited to several international choir festivals and is regurlarly involved into co-productions with orchestras and theatre ensembles. Mädchenkantorei Basel is one of the host choirs at the European Youth Choir Festival which takes place in Basel every two years.

The repertory of Mädchenkantorei Basel features works from a wide range of different epoques, composers and styles. Recently we have been focusing on the 16th/17th century (Dowland, Machaut, Morley etc.)  as well as on contemporary music (Furrer, Lang, Ablinger etc.). 

Mädchenkantorei Basel is conducted by Marina Niedel. The musical staff consists also of pianist and assistant Grace Newcombe and vocal teachers Deborah Betschart and Agnes Greiner.

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